So I did take pictures of non-Homestuck cosplayers at Katsucon. They were just all so amazing and yes there are two Princess Tutu related cosplays because it’s my favorite. I nearly died when I saw The Most Popular Girls in School cosplayers, especially since I didn’t notice Than at first until they got into position. The two quality Oncelers were great  and THAT BUMBLEBEE, just wow. The people dressed as Slender were totally amazing at creeping around the con and Fashion Monster!KPP looked amazing. CATS because of CATSucon (or Tuggercon) and Kyoshi!Sokka and Suki looked so bad ass. Deapool!Stein because another combo of two favorite things, but I have no idea who the other guy is supposed to be. So yeah so many kudos to these peeps. There are no words to really describe how great I found them.